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Boost Your Academic Performance

If you're looking for academic support, the Student Learning Centre (SLC) has suitable resources to help.

Workshop Series

Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL)

Consultation Services

Professional Skills

Study Play, Live Well

Staying fit and healthy is important for a well-balanced life. Our Student Care Department regularly organises programmes to encourage stress management and boost your overall well-being

Student Wellness

Student Wellness Centre

Discover how to manage your personal wellness by attending a variety of talks,workshops and activities at the Student Wellness Centre.

Student Wellness

SIM Wellness Advocates

We want you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Learn more from the initiatives and programmes organised by SIM Wellness Advocates.

Student Wellness

Counselling Services

lf you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or facing personal challenges, feel free to seek professional help and guidance from a qualified counsellor at the Student Wellness Centre.

Student Wellness

SIM Peer Mentors

Need a listening ear? SIM Peer Mentors are here to offer support and encourage a culture of care and support in SIM GE.

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